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Frequently Asked Questions


What are X-Blocks?
X-Blocks are square acrylic tools designed for rotary cutting and are available in several sizes. X-Blocks projects start with easy to piece strips or blocks that are sewn together first then you place the X-Blocks template on the strips or blocks, match the seams with the designated line (solid, dash, dotted) to the lines of the tool and trim along the edges with a rotary cutter. Voila! You’ve got X-Blocks! It’s that easy!

By flipping the X-Blocks over you’ll create mirror images, turn squares into diamonds and turn straight lines into zigzags!

What is the difference between X-Blocks and X-Blocks BasiX?
The newest addition to the X-Blocks family is the BasiX line of templates. They work in the same way as X-Blocks but are specifically designed to work with 2 ½” & 1 ½” fabric strips so it’s a great way to use those fabric pre-cuts such as JellyRolls™, BaliPops™, Tonga Treats™, Honeybuns™ etc. or you can cut your own strips too. This is a quick and easy way to jump in and try the X-Blocks technique or add X-citing variation to the magic of X-Blocks! We’ve removed the dash and dotted lines so all that’s left is the solid line – so easy – so basic!

The BasiX template uses 2 ½” strips.

The Baby BasiX creates itsy-bitsy blocks –and uses 1 ½” strips.

What are the Mini and Bellybutton X-Blocks tools?
X-Blocks are available in several sizes and sometimes this gets confusing. The easiest way to explain the difference is this: The Mini and Belly button are small X-Blocks tools which can be used to make wall hangings, borders and miniatures. The two large X-Blocks tools that are sized to work with these Mini’s and Bellybuttons are the 7 ½” X-Blocks and 6 ½” X-Blocks.

The Mini tool is 1/4 the size of the Large X-Blocks. Several patterns use the Mini and Large X-Blocks together; for some examples see Dearest Friend, Flying Free, Growing Green, Sweet Liberty and others.

The Belly button fits the center of a block made for the Large X-Blocks. Several patterns use the Bellybutton and Large X-Blocks together; for some examples see Oops-a-Daisy & Thornton.

What are the different lines for on the X-Blocks templates?
Don’t let all the dots and dashes frighten you – they simply provide more ways to create wonderful designs. There are three different styles of lines on each X-Blocks tool; a solid line, a dashed line and a dotted line.

The solid line uses the same measurement for all the fabric strips and segments.

The dashed and dotted lines use two different measurements for the fabric strips and segments to create unique designs.

Each X-Blocks pattern states which line to use, and uses only one style of line.

Isn't there a lot of waste of fabric when using X-Blocks?
No – definitely not!! One of the best things about using X-Blocks is there’s virtually no waste! When using X-Blocks, a triangle wedge is trimmed off the corners of the blocks. This seems like a lot of wasted fabric but in reality, you are simply cutting the pieces for your border or next project! With the X-Blocks tool and patterns, you can create amazing projects using those trimmed pieces. Each pattern comes with complete directions to transform the drop off pieces or ‘X-tra’s into fabulous borders, tablerunners, a second quilt or other amazing project!

Can I use the X-Blocks patterns with my new BasiX and Baby BasiX templates?
Yes, in many cases you can use the BasiX templates to make patterns that are currently available for X-Blocks templates. If you already own the X-Blocks pattern and want to make it with BasiX – now you can!

In the same way, all the BasiX patterns available can be made with the X-Blocks templates, so we’re working on those conversions as well. We are working as quickly as we can to get all these patterns converted, and we’ll get them placed on the website as soon as they are ready! There’s no need to purchase additional patterns.

Click here to download the conversions!

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